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In the face of novel coronavirus infection, a battle of no smoking has started.


In the Spring Festival, the most important traditional festival in China, people do not care about reunion, abandon their wives and mothers, abandon their children and leave home, risking their lives. More than 50 medical teams and more than 6000 medical workers have rushed to Wuhan


One by one, letters of request for war to superiors, one by one letters of comfort to relatives, and one heart after another to save the dying and heal the wounded. On New Years Eve, angels in white are walking in reverse, which makes countless people cry. They use the great doctors benevolence and touching professional actions to protect the public safety. At present, they are duty bound to stick to the clinical front line. Those who have already returned to their hometown rush back to duty, and their parents calls are often ignored.


Time is life. Many medical staff can only afford to eat a meal a day and have no time to drink a drink in the morning. Some people have hardly taken off their white coats in the nearly one month since they were put into battle, and some even gave their precious lives.


In the face of the epidemic, the 84 year old academician Zhong Nanshan rushed to Wuhan. His calm, fearless and courageous figure was admirable and moving. He once said: the hospital is a battlefield. As soldiers, who will go up if we dont rush to it?


The rain was cold and the machines were roaring. On New Years Eve, on the construction site of huoshenshan hospital in Caidian, Wuhan, the lights are bright. Hundreds of excavators, bulldozers and other machines are bustling around the world. At 8:00 a.m. on Lunar New Years Eve, the workers arrived at the construction site and devoted themselves to the construction of huoshenshan hospital in Caidian, Wuhan. This Spring Festival, they have no time to take care of their parents and children, stick to their own battlefield, and even have no time to make remote video with their families to report peace.


The epidemic situation is severe and there is a shortage of materials. Some donated, some donated masks, some gave goggles, some donated Lantern Festival, some donated cakes Good deeds emerge, ordinary people do good deeds, the ego gives great love, trickling down into a mighty force to overcome the epidemic.


We were moved to tears by the scenes of fighting the virus. We should act more. In the time of national crisis, every ordinary person should shoulder the social responsibility.


The novel coronavirus threatens everyones health. There is no bystander in front of the epidemic. In this special battle, individuals and families, individuals and collectives, individuals and society are closely related. Wherever we come from, wherever we are, we share the same fate. We need to be safe for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our colleagues, for our well-being and for peace. Everyone consciously went into the fight. Only if each of us has mastered the knowledge of prevention and control, can the network of epidemic prevention and control be woven well and firmly, and can we make our own contribution to the fight against the virus.


With one mind, there is no mountain that cant be turned over; there is no ridge that cant be crossed when we hold hands and hearts. Concentrate and unite as one. Everyone is dedicated and responsible. We will surely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control!


  编辑特别推荐: 疫情火神, 欢迎阅读,共同成长!

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