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In 2020, a war without gunpowder smoke will start quietly.


Novel coronavirus infection was slowly spreading in the first time when I first heard that the new coronavirus infection was spreading. I was still in the tutorial class. At the time, I was still wondering what terrible it was. How could Wuhan get far away from Feicheng? But I looked at it. In just a few days, its claws extended to the north and south of the motherland, and even to the world. Tens of thousands of confirmed cases, the death rate is also rising, which really scares me.




In the face of disaster, he stood up!


His appearance, let us see the hope, let us have the confidence, let us summon up the courage, it is he who told us first: everybody dont go to Wuhan. He is Zhong Nanshan. Professor Zhong Nanshan advised people not to go to Wuhan without special circumstances. However, after finishing this sentence, he led the staff to the core area of the epidemic - Wuhan. Because the plane tickets had been sold out that day, and the high-speed rail tickets had no seats, he was finally arranged in the dining car seat of the high-speed rail. When I saw the picture of Professor Zhong Nanshan resting in his seat from his mobile phone, I had a great feeling. He is 84 years old this year. Ordinary people either live at home or lie in a hospital bed. However, Professor Zhong Nanshan stood up at the first time and was appointed as the head of the high-level expert group of the health commission when the country and the society needed it. He rushed to the front line of fighting the epidemic.


In the face of disaster, we have them!


We have in front of the epidemic situation, Zhejiang Wenling nurses bear the pain to wean the baby. Jin Pengda, who gave up his wedding to fight for the epidemic, and Xie Yangyang, the fiancee of the medical staff. Yan Li, deputy chief physician of the emergency department of Tongji Hospital of Huazhong University of science and technology, and all the volunteers who gave up the holiday to return to the hospital. When the rain comes, when there are thunder and lightning, their warm hands lead people to the sun. The hands of the volunteers brought care, and the hands of the volunteers took away the sorrow.


I am willing to be such a person: when the country is in difficulties and the nation is in need, I will not be afraid of difficulties, regardless of life or death, and will not be paid. Therefore, now I want to study hard, because: opportunities are only open to enterprising and promising people, mediocre people can never patronize. Even if the future of me, perhaps just an ordinary person, but I also want to pay my country a small love.


The darkness makes people gnash their teeth, and the light makes people cry. I pray for the compatriots in Wuhan at home, and we sing together in this difficult winter. Faith is disinfectant, confidence is immunity, our faith is our own God, God bless China, unite as one, tide over difficulties together!


Disaster, we face together, bear together! I believe that the people of the whole country will unite and win this war without gunpowder smoke! Please believe that there will be a rainbow after the storm! Come on Wuhan! Come on China!


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