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  many people think that miracle is something that seldom happens; its something that ordinary people cant achieve. they admire michael jordan, the greatest basketball player in the world by now; or armstrong, the six-time champion of the tour de france who successfully overcomes the terrible cancer. yes, their careers are really incredible! but have you ever notice that they live simple life like us; they work hard every day like us; they face failures and victories like us; they cry, laugh like us? the only different thing is that they show the results of efforts in public. we every action man in the world is just the same essentially. once you live your life to the fullest, you have shown your own personality , then youre extraordinary to others.

  each second we live is a new and unique moment of the universe, a moment thatll never be again. so, what should we say to ourselves? we should say: do you know what youre? youre a miracle. youre unique. in all the years that have passed, there has never been another one like you. you legs, your arms, your clever fingers, the way you move. well, hurry up, my friends, from now on try to be the best you could be!

  every man is the architect of his own fortune. on your way to a brilliant life, you first need to learn something new constantly. for us, students, trying to get on well with all the subjects is quite realistic. sometimes we get confused, because the school life described in some novels, articles is comparably different, which is exciting, full of ease. but after all, its partially imaginary. we complain that chemistry formulas, physical phenomena, and lists of english words are dull. we exclaim in our innermost that we want to live the life we love. but still, everything remains the same. why dont you think about the problem with another attitude. the proverb never to old to learn is known to most people. as competition in the society is getting fiercer and fiercer, we cant stand firm, find a job, meet the principal needs of our family without abundant knowledge. maybe we sacrifice our most beautiful years to lock ourselves in a room filled with books. but some day youll have your bright future thanks to such hardships. if you relate every suffering to your prospect, youll probably find yourself full of strength





  many people许多人; 人多; 很多人

  ordinary people平常人

  basketball player篮球队员;篮球运动员

  simple life简朴的生活

  work hard努力工作

  every day每日

  in public公开地; 当众

  just the same仍然;依然;照样


  编辑特别推荐: 篮球运动员, 欢迎阅读,共同成长!

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