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  Every time I get a good place, I sit in a comfortable room with my mothers delicious dishes and fragrant bowls of rice. I cant help but think of it - once on TV news, it was always broadcast: there is a man in the field, sometimes he watches, mashes or takes a notebook to record something.. Under the scorching sun, he was wearing a loose and coarse white shirt and a pair of gray and yellow faces like an old farmer, which were the ravines left by the wind and frost.


  When I was a child, I reluctantly watched this ordinary farmer, who was also farming. Why couldnt my grandfather be on TV? Is it because hes more handsome? But also helpless, can only accompany grandfather on time every day to watch the only live TV news broadcast..


  After watching the weather forecast, which is very important to my grandfather, its time for me to do my homework. At that time, although I got good grades, I couldnt concentrate on my study, like skipping all the math problems that I couldnt figure out the solutions at a glance.


  When meeting difficulties and challenges, they all shrink back, and even begin to shake their goals: why should I take the examination of Sun Yat sen University? Why study? In the end, I finished the work according to the call of sleepy and grandparents.


  Until the fourth and fifth grade, I saw such a knowledge link - Yuan Longpings simple life in morality and society. He won numerous fame and wealth. His farming shirt usually ranges from ten to fifty on the street. Even on the international stage such as the world awards, his most expensive suit is only 500 yuan. Once, Yuan Longping bought a shirt worth more than ten yuan on the street. He couldnt put it down and shut his mouth This kind of shirt is light, breathable, durable and cheap. Its perfect for working in the field!


  In the illustration, the old man who is smiling and touching the sun is the old farmer who has seen him appear in the news many times. I began to look for Yuan Longping on the Internet TV of my parents home.


  Yuan Longpings world is so small that he has only rice in his experimental field. He has been associated with and accompanied with agriculture all his life. Since he began to study hybrid rice in 1964, he devoted most of his life to the rice field without any regrets. Day after day, year after year, but Yuan Longping firmly believes in providing food and clothing for people all over the world, still looks forward to tomorrow optimistically, and works harder in the hot sun, rain and rice fields.


  I cant help shivering. I have goose bumps and cold sweats all over my body. Yuan Longping has been fighting for others for more than 50 years in the palm of his hand. However, I study for my future, but I shake my heart


  Those who engage in research should not be afraid of failure, and those who are afraid of failure should not engage in research.. He has always adhered to his own philosophy, never at the expense of production in exchange for quality.. Along the way, the yield of 700kg, 900kg, 1000kg per mu... Chinas Super Hybrid Rice has constantly made breakthroughs in leaps and bounds - it is the rickety and thin figure in the field that has been pursuing and surpassing the dream for nearly 60 years! Many people say that China has enough food, but he always thinks: the world is so big, billions of people want to eat, food security can not be taken lightly..


  My face is very hot, and I can feel the blood flow clearly, as if I could roll an egg on my face and it would be hot soon. Im restless. It is Yuan Longping who forgets to eat and sleep, who has gone through failures and tackling key problems again and again, that has made the breakthrough. However, I am frivolous and impetuous, indulgent and slack, and encounter a trivial stumbling block, but I am at a loss, timid and dare not challenge myself www.zuowenla.cn


  In the year of chub mackerels back, Yuan Longping still insists on striving in the front line of scientific research, never forgetting his original intention, and keeping everyone away from hunger He also cherishes higher dreams: 1) a dream of enjoying the cool under the grass (sitting in the cool under the rice as high as the number of trees, the fragrance of rice as big as peanuts...); ② The dream of paddy field in saline alkali land (there are still many places in the world where food is not enough. Is it not a waste of land that is not suitable for crop production?). So he devoted himself more diligently to scientific research.


  My heart trembled, like thousands of needles straight into my body, tears: Yuan Longping has been 90 years old, still trying to realize his dream! And when I am young, why cant I pursue my dream?


  I finally got to know the old farmer and the good intentions of the national TV station. Start no longer afraid to retreat, guard against arrogance and impatience, try to boldly start to challenge yourself, pursue excellence, and bravely move forward!


  A thousand hectares of fertile land, but three meals a day, ten thousand rooms, sleeping only three feet. Growing Chinas farmland, the heart is filled with the worlds food and clothing. His spirit of striving for dreams has not only changed hybrid rice, but also inspired me to forge ahead bravely on the road of pursuing dreams. He is my idol, Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice.


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