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  Dear grandfather Yuan Longping




  I am a primary school student. After reading your story in the extracurricular book moving China, I know that you are the world-famous father of hybrid rice. In the spring tide of Chinas green revolution, you have conquered the problem of hybrid rice, solved the problem of Chinese peoples eating, and made outstanding contributions to world food security. Today I write to you with great admiration.


  Food is the essence of the people. Human beings have never stopped their desire for food. Chinas arable land accounts for only 7% of the worlds total, while its population accounts for 22% of the worlds total. One seed has changed the world. Grandfather yuan, you have created a miracle, increasing the rice yield from 300 kg to more than 800 kg per mu. You confidently declare to the world that the Chinese people can not only feed themselves, but also make great contributions to solving the worlds food problem. Farmers call you Mi Bodhisattva.


  Your success is not accidental. Since 1964, you have devoted yourself to the research of hybrid rice for more than 40 years. The super hybrid rice project under your leadership is progressing smoothly towards the expected goal of 900 kg per mu. Over the past few decades, China has promoted the cultivation of more than 5.6 billion mu of hybrid rice. The annual yield of rice can support more than 70 million people, equivalent to the total number of new born people in the world every year. Hybrid rice has also been promoted to more than 30 countries and regions, you are worthy of the father of hybrid rice.


  Our generation are children growing up in the greenhouse, living in the city, far away from the countryside, do not know the farmer uncles hard work of planting crops! Whats more, I dont know how to grow the food I eat three meals a day. Apart from learning from books that who knows, every grain of Chinese food is hard, I can only hear some things about farming season from my parents who grew up in the countryside. I once heard my father talk about the whole process from buying rice seeds, planting rice seedlings, weeding to harvesting rice on Qingming Festival. Year round face loess, back to the sky, in the end or not enough to eat! It is not until your scientific experiments lead us to the success of hybrid rice that we have solved the problem of food shortage in our country. Now we not only have enough to eat, but also eat well, and the living standard of every household is getting higher and higher! www.zuowenla.cn


  Thank you, grandfather yuan! Your selfless dedication and dedication in the field of agriculture, in exchange for todays carefree life! Over the past 40 years, you and your research team have devoted their precious youth and life energy to the research and development of high quality and efficient rice! I know you have a dream of super rice. The hybrid rice planted in the experimental field is taller than sorghum, the ear is longer than broom, and the grain is as big as peanuts. 100000 ears form a towering tree. You sit under the ear to enjoy the cool and tell us your rice dream since Pangu opened the world! I wish you an early realization of the dream of enjoying the cool under the grass! Also wish you a happy and healthy national day!






  Zhou Heng


  XX, 2021


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