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  Bye, 2021! Hello, 2022! The past year contains countless memories and stories. Lets write them together and share them with each other! The following is a composition about goodbye 2021 and hello 2022_ Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022 composition 400 words for your reference, lets have a look!


  Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022 composition 400 words


  Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022 composition 400 words (I)


  what? Another year!


  Year after year, as soon as you open and close your eyes, a year passes. Still calculate the math problem: how many days is a year equal to? In my eyes, a year is equal to a day!


  This time doesnt go back. Whether you or I, the last thing I want to lose is time. Or think of those who hope to comfort the young heart!


  Daydream No.1


  The first thing to imagine is etiquette. Adults often tell me that we should be polite. No matter whether you are at home or outside, politeness is a very important thing. It is better than everything. Without etiquette, that means you have no quality. I dont want to be a person without quality Im sorry and thank you should always be said. Only in this way can I be a qualified person.


  Daydream No.2


  Yes, the study is also so busy. In addition, the next semester is my graduation season. It must be harder than this semester. The problem is that I have to separate from the students who have been together for six years. This makes me very unhappy. Why should I separate? Its all the trouble caused by the New Year! Every time after a year, it implies that it is one step closer to leaving with those partners who are in the same boat.


  Daydream No.3


  The third daydream is what I hope most. In the new year, everything is going well and safe for the family, and family happiness is the best hope. The new year is a year for me to grow up, and another year for those elders. All this passed so quickly. Looking at my parents hair getting pale, I really hope the time can come back!


  Today, say goodbye to 2021! Tomorrow, Hello, 2022!


  Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022 composition 400 words (2)


  Say goodbye to time, 2021, 2022 Hello!


  Wave, bid farewell to the old days, and go with the wind in 2021; Think about the past, busy, 2021 struggling; There is laughter, sadness and growth in 2021. Sweat and tears intertwined, 2021 will be a happy ending.


  Yesterday, has gone far, can only be used to recall. Today is a new beginning. Only by grasping today can we meet tomorrow with confidence.


  Plant the hope seeds of spring, pay the sweat of summer to cultivate, harvest the golden fruits of autumn, and enter the snow kiln in winter to hibernate; Looking back on 2021, sweat and hardship are accompanied by harvest and joy; I wish that in 2022, simplicity and happiness will accompany, success and brilliance will appear!


  With the original dream of 2021, stubbornly soar in the vast sky of 2021, let the dream fly higher, with the previous construction, struggle to meet the glorious years of 2022 immediately! May you embrace the life in full bloom in 2022!


  No matter what happened yesterday, no matter how embarrassed, helpless and bitter yesterday, the past will not come back and cannot be changed. Let yesterday take away all the pain, all the fatigue and all the pain. Living well now is the greatest treasure of life. Today is for hard work, and tomorrow is full of hope www.zuowenla.cn


  Colorful flowers, mellow wine, toast to celebrate high performance. Applause goes on and tears flash. I know your hard work. The road to success is paved with sweat, and hard work brings pride in career. May you make persistent efforts, not be proud, and build new achievements in the New Year!


  2021 is coming to an end. Look at 2022. Say goodbye to time, 2021, 2022 Hello!


  Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022 composition 400 words (III)


  Time goes by without a trace, goes fast and comes fast. Time, it is a passer-by in peoples life. Often before we know it, it goes quietly without leaving a trace. Often after I passed away, I gradually found that there was too little time left for myself. Thats why there was a sigh from the ancients: if the young dont work hard, the old are sad.


  As time goes by, 2021 has become history, with happy and unhappy, warm and sad.


  Through 2021, big and small things are like stars in the sky. Some things have long disappeared from my memory, but there are unforgettable experiences in these humble stars.


  The word birthday brings happiness and happiness to many people. Just because I was born in February, I havent had a birthday since I was a child. No one knows whether February will come or when February will come. Ive been waiting for 12 years, but this year is different from previous years, which makes me feel love and warmth! On this sunny day, the chilly spring breeze made people tremble. My sister took out a palm sized cake, walked up to me and said, Happy Birthday! I was surprised at that time. I finally understood why my sister has not been willing to use her pocket money for the past two months. Just to buy me such a small piece of cake, 2021 let me understand that life has love and warmth everywhere!

  过去终究是过去了,迎接2022,带着期待,向前冲生活需要充满希望,2022在等待我们,我相信,在新的一年中,我能更加努力,更加自信! https://m.zuowenla.cn

  The past is the past after all. Welcome to 2022 and rush forward with expectation... Life needs to be full of hope. 2022 is waiting for us. I believe I can work harder and more confident in the New Year!


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